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Meet - Jeanette Davis

Maryland, USA

When were you diagnosed with MS? 2012

What type of MS do you have? Primary Progressive MS (PPMS)

#1: Can you tell us a little about your journey with MS. How did you feel about your initial diagnosis and how it has affected your life?

I continued working after being diagnosed. I was taking Rebuff, a convenient subcutaneous injection. It became apart of my routine as I commuted daily from Aspen Hill, MD to Capital Hill in DC. However, as time went on, the challenges grew. One day, while I was at the dog park with my dog, I unfortunately stumbled and fell into a pile of poop. I quickly found out, help is hard to find, especially when you don't smell good. In 2016, my legs contracted to my chest. The next 4 years, I went through hospital Rehab many times and then I landed in Sunrise Nursing Home. My goal was not to come out with a toe tag! As a result, my neurologist had me do 44 Botox shots to each leg to help reduce the contraction. At first, they did not work at all. However, in 2020, I left the nursing home for an Independent living facility. I was so proud! I now enjoy going to the bathroom on my own. Its a party each time!! I work with my PT daily and I have walked up a flight of stairs two times! Like I said...A PARTY. I Celebrate All Accomplishments!

#2: What MS symptoms do you have and how do you manage them on a daily basis?

I manage my symptoms by celebrating the smallest accomplishments. I definitely love chocolate, my pets, friends, music, and dancing.

#3: Who/What has been your most important support system?

Dr. Faria Amjad, my Neurologist, has been the cornerstone of my support system. When my family and I were filled with doubt, she steadfastly believed in me. Her unwavering support has been instrumental in bringing me to where I am today, and for that, I am forever grateful.

#4: Do you use any accessories like canes, walkers, or wheelchairs to manage daily activities?

I use my wheelchair, rollator, and cane. Usually all three. They are my right hand!!

5: How do you stay positive and motivated in your daily life? What do you do for self-care?

Self-care for me is being able to take a bed bath and go to the bathroom on my own. Thank you Sunrise Nursing Center Nursing Assistants. I can get around. I inside and outside. Slower but, I can do it!! You know what comes next... I CELEBRATE.

#6: Your story and experiences with MS are incredibly valuable and can provide encouragement and motivation to others in the community. What words of advice or encouragement would you give to someone who is newly diagnosed with MS or going through a challenging time right now?

Please find an MS expert Neurologist. Also, do not lose your hobbies and sense of humor.

#7: Have you started a business or mission related to MS? Can you tell us about it and what inspired you to take this step?

No, not at this time. But, it's a great idea.

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