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Partner Spotlight - Meet Brodie McCartan

North Carolina, USA

What is the name of your mission or business? We Have MS Too

When did it start? 2023

#1: What is the mission or purpose of your business?

We provide support to youth experiencing the challenges of having a family member with MS by offering a safe space to tell their stories, ask questions, and connect with those in similar situations.

#2: How can you help our community live a healthier life?

We aim to provide the resources necessary to youth in an MS-stricken family that will allow them to learn more about the disease and how they can best adapt to everyday changes in the household that come with it. This will ideally provide a better understanding of multiple sclerosis for both the child and their family member with the illness, and allow the child to cater to their loved one in the most beneficial manner possible.

#3: What resources can you suggest to our community?

I suggest keeping in touch with my social media platforms on both Facebook and Instagram. These pages are currently in their beginning phases; because, I have been busy with school. However, I aim to post weekly and our social media accounts will provide updates about my organization, how we plan to expand, and most importantly, how you can become involved in it.

#4: Your story and experiences are incredibly valuable and can provide encouragement and motivation to others our the community. What words of advice or encouragement would you give to someone with MS or going through a challenging time right now?

I would tell individuals to not be afraid to reach out for help from those who are close to you and care about you. From my experience as a child of a parent with MS, I can undoubtedly say that communication has played the biggest role in getting my mom the support she needs. The changes that come with the illness are almost impossible for an individual to adapt to and understand alone. However, in building an army around them and being transparent with their conditions, a person suffering is much more likely to receive the help they need and form stronger relationships with those who are beneficial to them.

5: We would love to send our viewers to your sites. List your social media sites.

Instagram: @wehavemstoo

Facebook: @We Have MS Too


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