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Partner Spotlight - Meet Taran Srikonda

Virginia, USA

What is the name of your mission or business? AddressMS

When did it start? 2021

#1: What is the mission or purpose of your business?

At Address M.S., we hope to further educate our community about multiple sclerosis by helping fundraise and spreading awareness for the cause! Our local community has proven to have limited knowledge on the disease. Through our organization, we hope to effectively and efficiently educate the ones around us on an international level, by hosting speaker panels and other fundraising events to help!

#2: How can you help our community live a healthier life?

As an avid social media user, one way to help the MS community live a healthier lifestyle is to send positive messages to the ones who are diagnosed with the disease. These patients are strong warriors who have been fighting this disease with unimaginable strength, and any positive support you can provide is truly helpful!

#3: What resources can you suggest to our community?

A few resources are the National MS Society, where you can get into contact with many patients and even other organizations that work to help spread awareness of the disease. You can also partner with local universities that have MS Medical Centers and help assist in research and funding!

#4: Your story and experiences are incredibly valuable and can provide encouragement and motivation to others our the community. What words of advice or encouragement would you give to someone with MS or going through a challenging time right now?

Multiple Sclerosis has proven to be a disease that tests one strength, endurance, and longevity and only the strongest can survive it. What they have accomplished is truly impressive and it is crucial that they continue to live life to the fullest of their abilities and explore their interests and passions, continuing to fight this disease and push through like the warriors they are!

5: We would love to send our viewers to your sites. List your social media sites.

Instagram: @AddressMS

TikTok: AddressMS01

E-mail: Website:

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